Locksmiths – are they all same? How can you be sure who you are calling out?

Let’s start by looking at locksmiths to avoid….

Not all locksmiths are the same.  In my latest BT directory through the letterbox recently there were two full pages dedicated to 8 ads for locksmiths – from just two companies. Take a closer look at each full double page spread.  Don’t these ads look like different companies, all with different telephone numbers?  But each double page spread is just one national company – a call centre type operation that relies on sub-contracting any work out to the nearest locksmith to the customer. That is why they also ask you to quote a ‘reference number’ on the advert.

guess who 2
guess who 2 – local or non local locksmiths?
guess who
guess who – another national company pretending to be local locksmiths?

So the customer pays twice in effect, once to the call centre company (around 60% of the inflated total rate) and again to the actual guy who turns up (the remaining 40%). A simple gain entry job can end up costing well over £100 plus vat when it should be a lot less. Who knows what the expertise and professionalism of the person who appears at your door – usually in an unmarked van or estate car.  They are unlikely to be actual professional locksmiths, possibly handymen or people sold the dream of becoming locksmiths by doing a two day ebay course! Tales on the internet abound of ham-fisted individuals going straight for the drill and destroying perfectly good locks. After all, they can then sell to you at a high price some parts (that were probably not needed until they drilled them). Search out reviews from customers on these big national companies for yourselves (if you look hard at the pictures you should be able to identify them)

Want a genuine local locksmith company serving Norwich and most of Norfolk.  Here ya go…   http://www.linacrelocksmiths.com   (it’s me by the way!)