Linacre Locksmiths can cover most lock scenarios

Although many jobs we locksmiths do are fairly routine and commonplace, occasionally we get to do rare stuff too. It is quite common for many properties, especially those in more rural areas, to have very thin wooden doors.  These are typically at the rear of the property.  The thinness of the doors however means that traditional mortice locks cannot be fitted, of it they can then only very basic 2 lever ones due to the thin width of the lock case itself.  But many insurance companies these days insist on 5 lever locks (and often also conforming to BS3621 insurance standards).  This is the door we were called out to recently…

thin wooden door
thin wooden door

Although the options in the marketplace are limited there is a way of fitting a BS3621 5 lever deadlock to the door.  Not only that but a Chubb one too which is about as good as you can get domestically. A specially made rim lock box is fitted to the back of the door at ‘kick height’ that cannot be removed from outside and the deadlock is fixed into the box. The keep plate/box is added to the frame with reinforcing bolts too for extra strength.  We also added a kickstop (also known as a London Bar) to reinforce the staple box on the frame even further.  Here is a picture of the lock fitted…

20170208_115808 (2)
rim lock box fitted

So if you think your door is too thin to have a decent lock fitted (and also meeting insurance standards) then give Linacre Locksmiths a call on 01603 408528