All in a Day’s Work for a locksmith

The variety we get here at Linacre Locksmiths is enormous. Many people think all locksmiths do is open locks, and maybe replace broken ones. While that is certainly part of our day to day job, there is plenty of other things we do.  Here are a couple of recent examples of the variety we get asked to deal with.

This still makes me laugh even after 14 years – the Fountains of Doom. Gearbox had failed due to stress caused by misalignment of this upvc door – it had dropped due to the weight of water within and was half an inch out at top.  This meant the rollers didn’t engage correctly with the keeps on the frame so more and more force was being applied to the lifting the handles up and so eventually the internals of the mechanism gave way, causing the lock to jam and not be able to be opened.  After opening the door i started to remove the screws on the strip, ultimately reaching the last two, and lo and behold, jets of water came streaming out. Took a good 10 minutes to drain although was still still dripping slightly when I left half an hour later.

Customer was going to speak to a upvc repair company to get the seals replaced and drain holes cleared.

Another of this week’s jobs saw a customer try his hand at doing it himself. He knew his upvc door gearbox had broken in his front door and had attempted a DIY removal and replacement. He had removed the entire mechanism from the door, and opened up the lockcase and diagnosed which small part had broken. Put it all back together, measured to order a replacement gearbox, refitted the mechanism back in the door, shut door then couldn’t re-open. He tried all sorts of drill bits to figure out why it wouldn’t open. Drilling into the latchbolt assembly didn’t help him of course. He had to call a locksmith in the end (me) to open door and then fit his eBay ordered lock.

Seeing this sort of variety certainly keeps me entertained and makes an occasional change from the humdrum. And it is what makes this job so enjoyable.  I wouldn’t want to do anything else!