Want to be a locksmith in just two days?

Do you want to be a locksmith? You’ve seen it in the movies, a quick 2 second fiddle with a lock and hey presto they are in!  You have seen the two day courses being offered on eBay etc to become a locksmith, promising high incomes for very little outlay. So you think why not give locksmithing a bash – after all, how hard can it be?

I started Linacre Locksmiths over 11 years ago and can say that in all that time only around 10% of my work involves lockouts. Most of the work is either remedial work – fixing broken locks, adjusting upvc doors, rekeying locks etc – or replacing or fresh fitting various locks. The trouble is that if someone gets locked out then a professional locksmith comes out and can indeed literally get them back in their house in a couple of minutes sometimes.  So they think ‘wow, easy money. I could do that!’

You search for how to become a locksmith and suddenly eBay sellers and others offer to train you in two or three days. They might ‘train’ you in a rented office, or a small workshop on an industrial unit. You will be taught how to pick basic cylinders and mortice locks. No point in the ‘trainer’ using high security locks like you might find in the real world that you cannot open. After all, he promised you it is easy, so the locks will be primed to almost fall open (like the movies).  Then comes the sting. You can’t just head off into the locksmithing world without the right tools can you!  You are sold cheap imported poor quality tools, some of which you will never need, some do not even work properly, at vastly inflated prices. You don’t know any different so buy them. So after 2/3 days you are £2000 down and armed with poor knowledge and poor equipment. And all you can hope to do are simple lockouts, which as I mentioned earlier only account for 10% of an average locksmiths workload.

To be serious about being a locksmith you need substantial initial investment and proper training from well researched training companies. You need to be prepared to make a loss for the first year at least. And I haven’t even touched on how you actually get your name out there and attract customers!

At least here at Linacre Locksmiths you can be sure we have done it right! http://www.linacrelocksmiths.com